Adam Guiel Art – Case Study

The Brief:

Our brief was to create an e-commerce website for Adam Guiel, a talented photographer and artist from Shropshire, to enable him to sell his prints online. He wanted a simple, clean looking website that would empower his photography and boost his sales. With a variety of available materials, sizes and shipping methods for his products, the website would need to be flixible to cater for this.

The Project:


After an initial meeting we agreed that a busy and bright design would take the users’ focus from what was important; the images. The final design would encorperate Adam’s images along with blocks of white and light grey to give the site the clean, minimalist feel.



With any of our websites, user journey and experience are at the forefront of the design. Adam’s site needed to be simple to use and easy to navigate, in-keeping with the design and feel of the site.

The shop function of the site had to include different variations of his images as the products would be available in a range of sizes and print media. Stock management was also a factor in this website build as Adam was selling certain prints as limited editions, and needed to keep track of how many were remaining.

With any e-commerce site, shipping also plays a vital role. In Adam’s case, some of the products could be quite large. So we encoperated custom functionality to calculate the shipping prices based on the dimensions of the products in the customers cart.


Final Product

We feel that we nailed the brief that we were given. The site looks great and is very simple to use and navigate. Adam’s images look amazing, stand out and certainly pack-a-punch!