Full Brand Design Service

What is brand design?

People often confuse brand design with designing a logo. Brand design is so much more than just coming up with a logo and drawing it up for you to use. Even if you were to design a logo, letterhead, website, branded stationery etc. and produce these…that still isn’t what branding is. 

These elements are part of your brand identity. 

Your brand is how your customers perceive you and how you want to be perceived. Designing a good brand can be the difference between success and failure. A brand designer or design agency cannot “design a brand”, their job is to design a brand identity that reflects a brand.

The Brand Design Process

Nice to meet you! Now we need to get to know you. We will get to know your business intimately from the inside out, we will get to know your customers from top to bottom. No stone will be left unturned as getting your branding right requires intimate knowledge of who you are and what you’re trying to do. 

What are your core values? What do you stand for? What makes your product unique? What is your unique selling point? Who are your target customers? Just a few headline questions to get you thinking!

We do not rely on guesswork when it comes to designing your brand, we will use all available data, analytics, forecasts and your knowledge to scientifically go about the process in the initial stages before letting the creative team turn your vision into reality.


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How much does a full brand design cost?

The price can vary dramatically depending on your unique case, the only way we can give you an idea price is to talk to you.

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We will review your website from top to bottom for FREE, and detail the bits that are good and the bits that need improving and give you full marketing plan to help you improve your site! This service is completely free and carrys no obligation.

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Additional Services

Logo's & Branding

Your brand is how your customers perceive you and how you want to be perceived.


We can provide you with the photography you need to give your website the edge it deserves.


We can help boost your audience engagement by shooting professional looking video content for your website.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a bite-sized video that allows a business to communicate information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Virtual Exhibitions

Improve your reach by engaging with audiences who are unable to attend your live events –  including international visitors

3D Tours

A 360 tour is a simulation of a business premises… inside and out if that’s what’s necessary… created from a sequence of still images.

360° Products

A 360 product view can improve engagement by enhancing customer experience which will make them more likely to buy.

Webinar Integration

All our webinars are fully responsive, customisable, and are integrated into your site using our own webinar system.


Our web development team has a great deal of experience of using SEO content to its best ability.

Google Advertising

This is the opportunity for your website to leapfrog sites that are only using organic search results to improve their ranking and visibility.

Social Media

With so many people utilising one platform or another, it is increasingly important to attract them to your product or service


We will create an easy to use online shopping experience for your visitors that will encourage them to return time and time again.